My wife and I started Sawtooth Gear in 2015, we got into the business of mobile phone protection because we simply wanted to have a phone case that was stylish and different. We actively spoke with each other and our friends exchanging ideas about phone cases and what they could or couldn't do. We felt we could fill a niche in the market and so Sawtooth Gear was born. We are genuinely in this business to make the cases and covers we want to use. We have grown thanks to our fantastic and loyal customers and their continued input on our product line.

We truly believed that Sawtooth Gear is all about being inspirational, stylish, practical and doing business with a sense of fun while also providing exceptional customer service. We are constantly looking for new and unique phone protection styles while also mixing in some other products that cross our path. We have established a partnership with Akwa - a Made in The USA - clothing manufacturer that has an array of mens and womens clothing that is warm, stylish and stands out from the usual. We also offer embroidery for larger orders that can proudly display your company or brand logo.

Thank you for your support and we hope to continue our growth for years to come.